About Us

Global Commerce is a global and independent distributor of computer components, options and accessories from the world’s leading manufacturers

In this dynamic IT business our biggest attention is paid to the reliability and trust. Our experienced team always do their best to assist you in IT purchases as well as a strict logistic control. We are always looking for the most efficient and reliable supply so our customers would be sure that they get the best deals.


What we do

We help our customers to increase their profit

Our business concept is based on a belief in a free market and the independence of manufacturers. A concept that has consistently proven its success by generating the greatest value for all parties.
We hope that we can create a greater international understanding and acceptance of our business model as a natural alternative to the more traditional distributors.
Our focus is to provide our customers the BEST price in the market and help them to strengthen their position in this competitive and dynamic market.

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“We help our customers to find the best price in the market”